The Ancient Knight(2005)

Once more at the ledge
Staring into the ravine
Wishing to let go of this life
But your voice has steadied me
I reach back my wary hand
And you guide me from the edge
Recalling verse my pen did make
when last we stood here, friend

In my eyes the tears do rise
and all at once you found
Depression mets with sad return
As smile turns to frown
I don't wish to return
To the numb cold of the dark
Pain in every footstep
As dusk turns light to dark

Foolish I know my plan to be
Your Gentleness has rescued me
A reassuring Knight has found me there
Trapped again in my Despair
But knights to wandering ways appear
Fantoms of memory pausing here
Though freedom they will seek in time
The time was never yours and mine

Destiny steals you away
Bound are you to fade from me
Like long forgotten melody
which wind will bring to my ear
When next it is I stand right here
Adrift in storm-swept sea
Fearing ever lost to be
Wishing you would rescue me.

by Lillian B. Rose

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...In shining armor, no less. Well written, Lillian!
'Interesting, fascinating emotions …