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The Ancients
JD (24th September 1987 / Royal Tunbridge Wells)

The Ancients

Thus he flies upon the dying air
Upon a delicate motion he compares
Through life in company
Of Kindred known forgotten he is
An ancient he conducts in the testimony
Of the clash he beheld the destiny of his race
Like the Lucifer, fate follows him down
Of falling in the light
Fault of fallowed darkness
Ancient years beheld him in grievous beginnings
When thunder rippled across the skies
As power in beings of no form die
Into the mud of the mundane he beheld a fate
Dark grieves not, Light grieves all
Like a prophet of angels fell he unto
Sulphur pits and fire of torments
Doth he judge his next move

Dawn upon the sin this dark bring
In lies he transmits distress
Small demons cast his desires upon the high
News of the world of kindred
Like in many differ on principles
To flee and into darkness bring he
Allies of that in the moonlight
Doth bring the storm
Of fury, of vengeance, of death
Flies he and minions unto this light
Dark, he seemeth unto he
May bring up to him
The means of light
To fall of darkness
And unto crescent form
War rages evermore
Onto this life
Humanity sings
But in clouds upon this
Views the dawn asleep in bed upon twilight
The life thou hast sought
Rest on the faith of demons and angels
Of Gods and Antigods
Of truth
On whim

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