The Angel

Poem By Maria Magdalena

There were times when I think of you
That it feels like heaven
Never did I knew to get to you
I had to go through hell

Now that I have reached you
Am I wrong not to hold out my hand?
Am I wrong not to cherish those hell times to get
to you?
No, I guess not

I met an angel on my way to heaven to you
He guided me through the hell
He accompanied me all the way to you
He went through the hell, although he did not have

You said that he is an angel
That is why he is destined to help me
You are wrong, he could choose not to
But, in the end he was there for me

Finally, I realized
I would surely be wrong to let go
To let go of the hand that has been holding mine
through the hell
I would rather be with this angel

He will turn those hell times into my own heaven
I can say... Our heaven...

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