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The Angel And The Atheist
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

The Angel And The Atheist

Unbeknownst to the stranger,
An Angel came knocking at his door,
The stranger came answering and asking
Why was he knocking and looking for;
The Angel informed the stranger who he was
And that they needed just to speak,
The stranger said that he didn't believe who he was
As he was an Atheist, and he was not weak.
The Angel said that he was indeed an Angel
To the most high and mighty God,
And that God does exist for us everyone
And he is not a fairy-tale, or a charlatan or a fraud.
The Atheist said then if God does truly prevail
Please then just answer me the questions why,
Why do people suffer and why do we hurt
And why do we hate, and judge and cry;
Why is there the poor, and why is there the hungry
And why is there greed and bigotry, (the Atheist shook his fist) ,
The Angel stood up and then looked at the Atheist and spoke,
"The answer is", ………. "It is because that you exist"!

Randy L. McClave

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