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The Angel I Found

all thy life she kept in the shadow hiding but still watching
the angel i needed when life meant so little
but still i found her now in my life for the happiness to be true
someone special who cares for the animals that she holds so dear
someone who is still smart enough to leave anyone in wonder
someone who i guess is my angel that was sent to my atlast

all my life i missed this shadow that hid so far away from me
wondering and harboring such beautiful light to be found, still she hid
the light the meaning of being lost in the darkness without you my angel
without the light only darkness still shows through the heart of pale
still hateing all of life still wondering without you hiding in the light
still you hiding in the light forbiding you time
still the anger wants nothing with the light of you
all the love in thy soul wants your smile you body in thy arms, i love you

such angelic form the only i know that could punch through the line
the line in our worlds of seperate heavens here in this world
only you whose only appearence in this world could not hold it all
only you who could be nothing but someone send by the high heavens
whose long hair just so divine
whose touch is so soft and warming
whose heart could never be any warming
who i could never live without
who i could never want to live with another

our worlds are just so different you of the sky whose wings so soft
whose body, wings and heart are so warming
who cares about any of the others
whose heart still holds so much love for all as they should be kind
and for those like me who harber such anger and dislike
her light is her weapon to change their heart
to change their ways and simply help them be a little bit happier

our worlds are just so different me i child off such darkness
thy could be so warming in both body and heart but now wings
thy wings are still black as coal as still harder than steel
who could love this type of person
whose heart holds so little love and so much hate for other
still you changed my heart but my body could never change

and yet you saved this soul from the eternity of darkness
you saved this body from so much pain
you are still the person i love
you are the only person that changed the scenery all around
you are the person whose touch torn away the darkness
you are the person i fell back in love with

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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