ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

The Angel In Heaven

God today you took away a much loved person.
Who we all loved so much.
Our lives have changed forever.
And this pain we have to bear.

All I ask is that you take good care of him.
And help us to understand.
Why he was called so soon.

I know that he'll be with me every step of the way.
And at times things may get tough
And I wont know what to say.

Thats when I think of you.
Grandad I no myou would of wanted me to be strong.
I try even though it all seems wrong.

As I prepared to say the final good bye.
The tears began to flow.
And the healing process slow.

Only becuase I lost someone who really cared.
As I look for you in places where you usually were.
I begin to realise you not very far.
You still live on in my heart.

Your shoes no one can fill.
Your chair remains empty not to be filled again.

As time goes by I manage a smile.
As you left so many memories that goes on for miles.
The pain is less and less.

But you I do still miss.
Nothing is going to bliss

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Amy, nice tribute to your grandfather. Zen