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The Angel: Jake’s Poem
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The Angel: Jake’s Poem

Her smile shined throughout your world.
Her love covered your fears and all the tears.

The heavens needed her,
And no one could stop it.

His words and his smiles,
His heart and his soul,
Ceased on that lonely day.

Although he came back,
His mind and heart were still long gone.

Loneliness strikes his heart,
With each glance,
And with each thought.

He is left with,
A beautiful daughter,
And outstanding sons.
A never ending list,
And long restless nights.

You’re the reason
He wakes,
You’re the reason
He speaks.

His shadow may seem empty,
His presence bare,
But his love for you is undying,
No matter what it may seem.

One day he’ll come back,
And realize what he had.
By then you’ll be far-gone
But not far forgotten.

She was his world,
She was your angel.
Although you can’t tell,
She loves you more and more each day.

Don’t fall to the ground,
Don’t fall to hating life.
It’s not time to give up,
Its time to stand.

Take a breath,
And take this moment,
to look around.
Your beautiful angel is everywhere.

The past is gone.
The future is yet to come.
The present is here.

So stand,
And show them all that you still can.

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