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The Angel Of Death

The Angel Of Death

Poem By The Devel's HellRaiser

There once was an angel,
his name was the Devil.
He worshiped himself,
misery, sorrow, pain, and death.
He was known as The Angel Of Death,
and liked by none in Heaven,
but many on Earth,
God tried to convince the people,
that the devil was evil,
but they only worshiped him more,
God kicked the Devil out of Heaven,
and into a realm called Hell.
The Devil made people do sin and evil,
and brought them into eternal pain.
He invented suicide,
he encourages crimes and murder.
He wants people to worship him
and not not God,
But the Lord is strong and fights back.

It's up to you to be stong and fight the Devil,
and be with God,
but you also have the choice,
to worship the Devil.

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