The Angel That Saved Me

Then there was an even more broken soul that was so hurt and lost. He gave me all his love the only way his damaged broken soul could He was so possessed by his broken demons and weakness and unfortunate addiction that he had lost himself to years before we met. I never knew what was real and what his true feelings were. I know now he gave me the last ounce of love his dying soulcould give. Despite his broken soul he taught me humility and to believe in myself. He will forever be in my prayers and his memory will live in my heart forever. My lost angel. You were my guardian angel that although plagued by sadness and sorrow gave me love and inspiration, confidence and the realization of my talents and my beauty. From you I really found the confidence to believe in myself and follow my dreams. You inspired me and encouraged me to see all my strenghts and creativity. You got inside my soul. Listened to my stories, my dreams, and hopes and fears and always encouraged to be all I could be. You gave so much and I just took not realizing how much you loved me...

by Bella Angel

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