The Angel Truth

Don't expect angels to walk by your side
Unless you've been worthy with nothing to hide
Don't expect angels to stand guard for you
If you're doing evil while hiding from view
They do want you pure and mentally clean
And physically able to say what you mean
Don't expect angels to brighten your door
When cards you are playing aren't helping the score
Make angels smile by taking a stand
And trying to help all the people you can
Don't expect angels to do all the good
When you're only wishing and knocking on wood
Do expect angels to march thru the mud
To wade in the waters to save wasting blood
Don't expect angels to lock any doors
To save you from anger, to save you from lures
Don't expect angels to seek out your friends
And marshall the forces to stop wayward winds
For angels are mighty in deeds and in words
They roar like a lion and sing like a bird
Angels can be anyone on the street
A private chauffeur or a cop on the beat
Do expect angels to be everywhere
In peace and in danger they're standing so near
For angels are tranquil, they're smooth and they're tough
They're complex and simple, they're wistful and rough
They're soft like a baby, they fly while you walk
They shine through the sky, they sing while you talk
You may not know them when they are around
They're constantly working and work without sound
Do expect angels to love you each day
To fall on their knees and watch while you pray
Do expect angels to look like you look
They may be a star or just a plain cook
A man with a derby standing near you
He looks like a banker. Is he an angel too?

by James Weldon Lane

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Very thought provoking indeed.