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The Animal

The animal travels across a country plain,
with little need to justify or explain,
its value towards life and the sky above,
or what it might want, need, admire or love.

It is a creature of beauty and eloquence,
with a mind filled with wisdom and intelligence.
It has a way to define what is right or wrong,
while its life expectancy can be either short or long.

Yet the life this animal knows is falling to pieces,
its a part of what is known as an endangered species.
It has been too long since it has seen another of its kind,
as the life its forced to live is concealed and blind.

It was brought to this place by men in large cars,
and lives here in a zoo, a life behind bars.

by P.J. Lowry

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a life behind bars, good one..
Nice and well written, thank you for sharing Lowry