They Are Weak

If there's a time
Where you do think
Your ego rhyme
Sends you a wink

Please do now go
And please rethink
Go to your screen
And click the link

It's not unseen
Because as long
As you can feel
Because as long

Your heart does beat
You will stand tall,
now do sometimes, the circumstances
Make you feel small

This you are NOT
Cause you my friend
Are a hot shot
Truly divine

You're NOT a flop
If people think
Who are around
They can just put

Another wound
Please do stand tall
Take out your soul
And never fall

Speak out your heart
Let them hit you
Let them beat you
To put their shit

all up on you
And in the end
That you will see
That you are strong

And they are weak

by Sotirios Skoufis

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Thank you for the kind comments. I've written 68 titles, so I welcome all of you to read all I have written. Thank you for reading and taking the time to tell me what you think.
a new life in heaven, good one
Dillan, such a brilliant write👍👍👍