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The Annoying Gnat
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

The Annoying Gnat

You bothersome annoying little gnat
You whom I hopefully wanna splat,
When I see you fly about my body and my head
I want you tortured, and then dead.
Seemingly about me you fly only to pester
Which enacts me with a comical gesture,
I swat at you about my body with a verbal, "shoo! "
Because of you I am now all black and blue.
You came to my house with my lover's plants
I would had wished instead she had brought ants,
As an ant doesn't pester and then fly away
And underneath a boot they are easily man's prey.
My love has seen the torment that you have created
Because of you I now stay angry and should be sedated,
I buy gadgets and chemicals hopefully to do you in
But, triumphantly you always comeback, you win.
My love said that her and her plants will leave
So, the torment created by you no longer would I grieve,
Now you bothersome annoying little gnat;
Why don't you just scat.

Randy L. McClave

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It seems the annoying gnat was your lover and not the plant and so with her gone the annoyance scat.