(the) Annual Disbelief Festival

They come to display dismay.
Shock, horror and grief.
At The Annual Disbelief Festival.
From miles around.
Some struggle to find places.
To set picnic areas.
With barbeque grills and targets.
Where children are taught to kill.
Dressed in camouflage attire and greased faces.
Thrilled all are they've come to participate.
As many of the adults practice,
Their screaming shocks.
Between tasting sweets on paper plates.
A few are heard to hear complaining,
About the rising of crime.
Happening nonstop.
In their suburban neighborhoods.
To each year pretend to be stunned.
By criminal activities and violence done.
While all gather to attend,
The Annual Disbelief Festival.

This event.
Was organized when? "

Let's see.
If I'm not mistakened.
I would say...
This should be the 50th year.
Give or take a year or two.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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