There it is again.
I see the disappointment as I know the man.
Damn shame.

My first read is usually right.
The judgement sound.
In some cases it seems so wrong
Play that down
Play it down.

Liars get good by keeping up on the practice routine.
Makes you wonder if it wouldn't be easier to tell the truth.
Oh, but why.
Even their own kin.

What everyone wants from me they never will get.
I'm very very happy about that.
I think with a whisper and gesture
I make such a point
Very clear.

The human race is a big fucking joke.
Yes, me and you are included too.
I make no exceptions when I cast egos down.

I sound like an idiot prophet.
Maybe the whole recorded bunch were.
History making deities out of fools
Glorifying only those who didn't need it.

Stuck them up
Stack them up well.
Phones and emails
Bullshit do tell.

by Gary Diamond

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isnt it funny that all the comments here are from scholars 😂😂
anyone from wsc help me figure out what this means? Going for melbourne soon!
PWAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa Kuala lumpur round is in 6 days :)
WSC hahahahahahahahahahaha
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