MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

The Answer Is Easy To Find

There are times I walk in darkness
There are times when I walk with God
I try to spread all the love I have
But finding love is so damn hard

Just because you're miserable
Doesn't mean I want to feel your pain
Just because the sun won't shine
Doesn't mean u can't sing in the rain

What is the meaning of life
When life is a dream that turns into a nightmare
If the house you built is made of bleeding bricks
Then don't expect me to feel welcomed there

When I fall will u lift me up
Or will u leave me on the ground
When u lift me, lift me high
Because I hate it when you bring me down

I'm not a perfect person
I have the right to commit a sin
But if you ever forgive me and open your heart
Then please let me come on in

Instead of crying about the world
Lets laugh about happiness and love
Lets fly to a place where joy is everywhere
Lets hitch a ride on the wings of a dove

Remember that the life you lead
Is short and soon you will die
So whatever life I have left
I want to smile instead of cry

If I you can't find happiness
Then don't expect me to find it for you
You can only find what your searching for
If the love in your heart is pure and true

So what if your life is a struggle
No one said life would be easy
But instead of hiding in the darkness
Embrace the day when it is sunny and breezy

And if your day is bad
Then try and make the next day brighter
If you believe that happiness exists in this world
Then the heavy load you carry will be lighter

We are not put on this earth to suffer
Or to live in fear and shame
If you live in a world of misery
Then you are the only one to blame

So don't look for answers
To the millions of questions that plaque your mind
If you search for love and happiness instead
Then the answer is easier to find

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