The Answer To The Meaning Of The Universe And Everything

A man went in search of facts,
the aim of which was simply that,
he would understand in time,
what all this is and who am I.
He looked in binded books of gold,
some of which were very old,
he left no stone unturned,
as he searched and looked and yearned.
He asked most learned men,
and the holy brethren,
he read the latest finds,
of the best scientific minds,
he bought an expensive microscope
which only magnified his hope.
No, he did not find,
an answer of any kind.
He travelled far and wide,
first to Rome and then to Greece,
but still he found no peace.
He went east to India
and bathed in sacred Ganges river,
he tried going outback,
and met with Australia's
ancient tribes,
but the truth did not arrive.
But undeterred he went on,
and everywhere he went
he asked all that he met,
do you know the Truth,
of who I am and what is this
universe, in which we all exist?
Many gave him answers
but none that he could see
were with any certainty.
Finally near the end of life,
his long and persevering wife,
said come home for tea,
there is no point, you'll never see!
He went back to where he'd left
before he set off on his quest
and as he sipped
he gently slipped into bliss
and saw, what he had missed.

by David Taylor

Comments (4)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! ! ! Not always the 'answers' on the other side of the hill. Very nicely put. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
A much better answer than ''42'.
As usual, David, an excellent read. The answers we seek in life are often much closer than we thought and usually hiding in full view. Thanks. Richard
So true, the perception of truth, is in being true to ourselves! A lovely poem David. Cheers Anita