(30 November 1872 – 28 January 1918 / Guelph, Ontario)

Till Tomorrow Comes

Till tomorrow comes
When we shall know our fate
Let me not be that which can be forgotten
Let me be like the day you were begotten
Forever should you make me stay
To any amount i am ready to pay
Just to be sure you will stay

Till tomorrow comes
When we shall know our fate
Let me not be the rovering bird
That has nowhere to stay
Let me be your love forever
Let me stay in the most precious place
So that then shall i remember in great pace
That which we share together as a love ace

Till tomorrow
When we shall know our fate
Let that love remain there
And your value to you always dear
Remembering i wll always care

Till totorrow comes
You will be a sacrosanct to me

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That poem is lovely
We must adopt and feel the cruelty we must not use guns to kill the innocent
Bid them be patient, and some day, anon, They shall feel earth enwrapt in silence deep; ... Beautiful expression to expose the tragedy of human civilization. Skilled craft indeed.
The poet died around the time of WW One. I wonder if that was the war he was writing about or an earlier one? Well written. I enjoyed reading this one.
Great poem. Having met a soilder who had seen heavy battle in Iraque it accuratly expresses thoughts they may have
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