JH ( / Grafton, West Virginia)

The Apple Sisters

This is a tale, or rather, short story,
of two Apple sisters named Seedy and Corey.

One day Corey thought it would be grand
If they entered a craft show, everything made by hand;
So diligently they labored, burning the midnight oil.,
Dreaming of how rich they'd be with profits from their toil.
Why, Seedy thought Corey was gonna get spastic,
So relentlessly she stitched that plastic !!!
They both had visions of how their bank accounts would grow
As they continued to cite the patterns and sew;
But a funny thing happened when they finally made some dough...
It's amazing how fast cash really can flow!
On the way to the bank...they stopped at the mall,
And Seedy said "Let's get a lottery ticket ... winner take all."
Well, Corey very willingly agreed to this, of course,
But she also added, "Save some for a horse!
The Kentucky Derby is in a day or two
And I'll be glad to place a bet for you!"
So away their money did fly, alas alac;
Part for the lottery, and part for the track!
Now both their bank accounts show what's left
By a little pink notice of N S F!
But you just can't keep two good kids down!
There's another craft show coming to town!
And Carey and Seedy, with a wink and a grin,
Get out the plastic canvas and start over again!

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