(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Application Of Much Elbow Grease

If I believed everything in life,
Should come to me quick and easy...
I would not have made any attempts,
To accomplish anything.

I'd be more like you...
Complaining and maintaining,
An ability to make new and fresh excuses.
Refusing to listen.
Or accept and move on,
From mistakes I've made.

I'd be like you...
Pretending the only thing I needed,
To boost my self esteem from a routine...
Was a bit of luck.
And a patted stroke on my back,
From someone who offered a shoulder to cry on.

And while you are here...
Let me make this comment absolutely clear.

I will never make it a habit,
To run from one listening ear to another.
Wasting my time or that of others...
Whining about time I don't have,
As I defend every one of my insecurities.

I've witnessed too many seasons,
Hearing how some folks abruptly leave.
To produce nothing but a list of 'what ifs'.
Perceiving they could wish procrastination away.

I've witnwessed too many seasons,
In bloom...
Acknowledging my dreams needed more from me,
Than wishful thinking without sacrifice, dedication...
And the application of much elbow grease!

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