The Application

The new position was not advertised,
however, knowing me you would have,
by now, guessed that I applied. I did.
It was for Monarch, Ruler, Emperor,
Dictator, King or Kaiser, even Czar.

It has become quite clear in recent weeks
that nothing that a few of these bananas
would ever put together could survive
the first small breeze or sentimental tears.

We have a mess right now on earth, you may be sure,
that it is not the telomeres that will get rid of us,
no, it's incompetence and greed and all of that
which will, no doubt, ring in the end of our days.

Only a dictator, benevolent like me,
could save the day and our future if at all,
so I have signed my name right on the dotted line,
I will be fair and tolerate no other thoughts.

And, mark my words, this world can only be
snatched back from sure extinction, from the brink.
Trust me, I will not let you down and I can do it.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

And to think we could say 'We knew him back when.....................' Very nice Herbert. Sincerely, Mary
Countries have fallen on words such as these! It must be hard to get your tongue out of your cheek after a write like that! Good work. Raynette
Dreams of grandieur? All wait a minute.....Who! Good write Herbert!