The Aptitude Of Love

Love and film are like two parallel lines,
Never reciprocal; One is badly needed
For material prosperity of another only;
And not vice-versa.

Love demands no bridal clothes
Nor outward dizzy singing-dancing;
For divorce would have met its doom ere long.

Force is its step-parent and
Lies -chicanery, stepsisters
Conspiring to send it to heaven.

Love can't ever be the monopoly of man;
For we feel the sovereignty of love
In a dog-cow-horse also.

Love is, then, no babel nor the handiwork
Of the so-called saints -female and male;
Rather, it is the daily scenes of wear and tear
Ending in bringing happy child up;
For child is the father of love.
(Forget not, infant Krishna is
More loved than Radha-Krishna) .

Love is something internal, felt
In the core of heart if the same is
Prepared for it. Otherwise not.

One loves pictures while another
does God's glory; still another takes
fish-meat and some others have
likeness in food Sattvic;
Some roars like sea-beach
As the rest prefers to be silent vale.

Whatever be the aptitude,
Love would serve its purpose
If it is capable of prevailing
Peace of mind for ever.

by Purusottam Chuli

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