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The Ark
BM ( / The Lake District)

The Ark

I had a thought about how the world should be
About Power -
Equality -
I ran my fingers through my hair
I counted every strand -
Only to find, hidden
A bald Spot
From which years of neglect
Was there no colour left

We shook hands as we met, our palms
barely touched
This day was supposed to be celebrated
they said -
All I could think of was Mary, and
the way she held my stare.
I waved to the shore as
the envelope of the Tide
recipricated against the rocks,

I knocked on each door, Slowly
they trickled out -
We ate together, We shared
All that had brought us to the table
To the empty bottles on the deck
The Moon cast our reflections to the water
They returned, distorted - yet in the colour
Of the Night, we all
Glowed United.

I did not expect anything of this moment
How we would react
To each other.
The Walls between us seemed thinner, When
that same thought came back -
My hand reached up,
to search,
to find that space,


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