The Arms Of Faith

The Arms Of Faith
Stretch very wide
Even to the sinners retreat.
For its natural to him
To awaken each day
And believe at night
He will sleep.
Safe and rotected
By an unknown force
Which to him
His lifes destiny lies,
Carefree and jolly
Happy and unbeholding
And his soul
The source will keep.
The Arms Of Faith
So loving and so kind
To be at the end
Of every idea in mind
And the conclusive
Of every deed.
No one is exempt
From the destiny of faith
For it was God
Who planted the seed.
For God's own faith
Was to believe
That our faith in Him
We'd receive.
By the process of repenting
On His own Son's life.
For the love that He gave
That our souls would be saved
And our faith in Him
We'd receive.

by Cecelia Weir

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