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The Arrogance Of Love …. An Imperfect Sonnet
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The Arrogance Of Love …. An Imperfect Sonnet

I will drink to the arrogant bastard.
I will drink to the cock who gets plastered.
And I would binge with the impudent few,
Who dine of the deli... and the sewer too.
For “where the bee sups there would I”,
Upon the velveteen down of a sigh,
Or upon a petal savory sweet,
Or there … on a rose bud, tucked in neat.
Yet we who know of nectars naughty,
And euphorias got of liquors haughty,
Must bleed as well the venereal thorns,
Or the poison stabs of a cuckolds horn.

Yet before these banes breed abstinence,
Let us drink deeper drafts of arrogance.

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Comments (3)

ya lost me a bit with the ending lines.. However, the one which starts this poem off is so fantastic that I couldn't help but this piece in the end...thanks for sharing. always, amberlee
I read and thoroughly enjoyed the first twelve lines. Then you lost me. I've read this poem four times now and I'm still not sure what you intended to do at the end. Perhaps it's a deficiency in my mindset, because usually your poems are so well crafted and insightful. There's no denying the craftmanship in this poem as well, I just can't follow that last bit of thread at the end to where you seem to want to lead..
Obviously a very busy boy who would have done well as a Restoration courtier. Great poem