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The Arrow
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

The Arrow

Cupid fired at me with his arrow
I quickly ducked, it then struck a Sparrow,
Once before I was cupid's prey
That is why I dodged that arrow that fateful day.
Now upon the ground the bird cupid shot, it fell flat
Then when it got up, it fell in love with a cat.

Now that poor love sick sparrow it will never rest
It is now always busy feathering its nest,
As I too was in that mode a very long time ago
But, now I am happily single with no love to sew.
Early in the morning the bird once sung its song
But, now to no birds would that Sparrow ever belong.

The Sparrow flew to the Cat, which love had made it his mate
Then when the bird got near for a kiss, him the cat ate,
I too once was devoured both emotionally and financially
And I too lost all that I had, quite substantially.
Now because of cupid's arrow two beings have become one
But, soon that cat will leave its love upon the front lawn.

So, always beware of Cupid and his arrow
Don't be like the hungry Cat and the love sick Sparrow,
I as well fell in love with an arrow that Cupid shot
But, it was a mistake! And, true love I still had sought.
Always remember there is a difference between love and lust,
And a forever together, doesn't end or begin with breakfast.

Randy L. McClave

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