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PDC Phillip Dodham Cormier (June 7th / Toronto)

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Why do you stare?
What am I to you?
Who am I?
Am I nothing but eye candy?
Every where I turn their eyes are on me
No escape from their gaze
They are said to be good
But I fear them
They whisper in the ears of man
Words some believe to be wise
They tell us our futures
They tell us our pasts
Stop staring at me
When will they avert their gaze?
Why do they watch me so?
I am nothing
Yet they are eternity
I am man
They are like gods
Leave me alone
Let me be
Let me live my life
Yet they still stare
Their eyes never faltering
I fall to my knees
Their gaze shatters my very soul
I am trapped
Colours fill the air
Patterns fill the air
Yet the eyes still stare
There is no escape
The lights dim
The eyes slowly fade away.
I am alone again

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Comments (2)

I agree with Yari Florenc...This is written with such passion that I can feel this too...appropriately titled...thanks for this read.
sounds like something i have felt before but i cant put my finger on it........interesting read though thanks