The Art Of Arguing

I am not one who participates.
In ongoing prolonged debates.
Too quick I am bored,
With any attempt made...
To have someone else awaiting,
For a reason my thoughts to keep that way...
Are up for sale.
And I'm hoping to sell them.
After negotiating their value and worth.

That is not my kind of time to spend.
With it done to find exciting.
And those into the art of arguing,
Soon discover...
I am not a patron,
Who wishes to visit this exhibited.

"I don't believe this.
I called you an idiot.
A lofty hanging bat not wrapped too tight.
And I get no response from you?
Not even a twitch twitter or tweet?
Your mind has been messed up."

I know.
Too much snorting that idealism.
Why don't you try me around...
Try me at the end of the month.
By that time,
I should be feeling more like a fool.
Can you believe the price,
Of milk, butter and eggs these days?
To then discover...
Paying more for eggs laid,
By cage free chickens?
No wonder the roosters,
Are not crowing like they use to.

"What? ? ? "

I said...
And you have the nerve,
To call 'me' an idiot?
Who is not listening to 'whom' here!

"To whom to what? Where? "

Forget it.
You're not an egg eater.
I should have known that.
But I'm willing to bet,
You have low cholesterol, huh?


Don't worry about it.
What day is good for you?
The last day of the month.
Or a few days before...
HEY? ? ?
Why are you running away?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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