(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Art Of Dreaming

I just wanted to hang out in the shop
with things that were interesting and
you refused, adamantly insisting we
leave then and there - it would have
cost you nothing to wait a few
minutes more

I just wanted company on the beach so
I could swim without being all alone in the
world and you refused, your cricket game
not even on yet - it would have cost you
nothing to spend a few minutes more with
me and you refused

Don't offer me a new cell phone with gadgets
galore - I'm bored by technology - I just want
TIME and you will not give me that; I want time
to stare at the flowers I like - see visions I can't
realise - I want space for dreams - keep your
ice-cold reality

Let me be alone in my mind, I cannot escape
into a book, this is the price I pay to become
fully functional at work, an average robot; as
soon as my mind is accustomed to the new
regime, I shall study the art of dreaming

[Friday 14 December 2012]

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good poem thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.