The Art Of Influence

Its always a hunting feeling to feel like you've been left behind
Getting to the state of being under pressure and losing the sense of using your mind
Undermining who u are coz friendship impression got you blind
Tracing their footsteps instead of making your own
Assassination of your character and embracing your reputation
I once knew this boy I caught drowning into deep temptation
His smile was concealing but his eyes where revealing
That blazing pain inside -
I told him I can see it through his eyes
They called him names cause he never belonged in a gang
He was depressed coz he never understood them when they spoke in a slang
He wanted to fit in-
But he couldn't fit but persisted to dig in
he wasn't tough enough to concur that influence
Every single day they were melting his patience
Every relentless emotion pushed him close to the edge
A hair away from taking a decision to pledge
He was a lucky young boy to have me catching his last drop salvaged by hesitation
I told him my kid one thing u don't fight for is recognition
But good deeds echo through infinite generations
He looked at me and said now I can see vividly
One painted picture can tell million stories

by Anele Komana

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