Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt, ancient time,
Everyone wore robe and not a tie,
They invented a calendar much like the ones today,
They believed in animal gods until today.

The Nile flooded its banks every July,
The black mud there was really fertile,
They planted the seeds every November,
March is the month for every harvester.

There were many skilled artists and craft persons in Egypt,
They decorated the palaces and all the temples,
Weavers wove cloth for dresses and bedding,
Ship builders built sailboats and barges for travelling.

Egyptians pictured their Gods and Goddesses,
Everyone wore linen dresses,
Some were men and some were like animals,
Many were half humans and half-animals.

Well, ancient Egypt had lots of surprises.

All Copyrights Reserved To Meriam Joseph

by Meriam Joseph

Comments (10)

I like the poem. So funny
..............truly there is an art to writing limericks....great write...
very funny limerick indeed, love it..
A crazy little limerick Herbert. I've written a few myself. If you would like to take a look at some of them, I'm sure you will enjoy them.
hahaha. I like it. This is a great how to on limericks.
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