The Vendetta Of Knowledge

Follow light, and you will be pursued by dark.

Follow dark, and you will escape the light.

Worship mystery, and you will not bear suffering.

Acquire truth, and suffering becomes currency.

Know of mystery, and you will know of mastery.

Know of problems, and you will know of intelligence.

Escape everything, and you will know nothing.

Escape nothing, and you will know something.

by Nathan Coppedge

Comments (10)

I like the poem. So funny
..............truly there is an art to writing limericks....great write...
very funny limerick indeed, love it..
A crazy little limerick Herbert. I've written a few myself. If you would like to take a look at some of them, I'm sure you will enjoy them.
hahaha. I like it. This is a great how to on limericks.
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