Poem Hunter
The Art Show
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

The Art Show

I do not see Art here!

I see scratching on
some walls and
splashes of violet
and black on canvasses
big and small..

all some vomit of some
artist who had to spew
his/her emotions to be
catalogued as a new
genre on its own….

“Quite remarkable”
the programme reads…
Yes, quite remarkable
indeed, smirks my poetic

as I turn to leave I notice
at the door the artist,
and her broken soul
which cannot be uttered
but only spewed out
on canvass –

....and I walk over and
place a sticker on the
closest piece of vomit
which reads “SOLD”.

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Comments (3)

Such a distinct voice you exhibit… intelligent.
You made me smile today! Nonetheless you understood the meaning of the painting the artist did.A painting is like a poem. You have to read between the lines to understand its meaning. I love the last lines you wrote and it boils down to the word 'SOLD'.
Touche - but not necessarily with convicition!