WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

The Artisan Photographer

The Artisan Photographer
"Thoa Nguyen Ti"
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, August 24,2015

The lens that glares into the soul
Down memory lane take a stroll
A mere reflection of my reality
Taking schemes of true personality
Emotions and vibrations that also inspires
Uncovered news not views that sometimes satires

Penetrating conceptions of perceptions
An expose of our self-deceptions
Light and shadows to some degree
Seeing what is and not how it could be
For your lens doesn't clean, pretends, or recommends
Augmented realism when light bends

Fragments in time stating just the facts
Catching those that falls sometimes through the cracks
Capturing existence surreal in its glory
Painted pictures tell many a sad story
Building bridges that falls apart
Tales articulated that touches the heart

Sunsets to sunrise my camera never lies
The lens reflects world seen through the photographer's eyes
These moments frozen are enduring
Tales spun not always reassuring
Caught seconds without pretending
Desolation sometimes seems never ending

Humanity exposed unadorned
Subtly touched by those who are scorned
So many places traveled I've been
At times my camera struggles taking it all in
Hills and mountains we have to climb
Seconds that will last an entire lifetime

I see, I feel, and flashes I take
Wondrous sublime dreams I make
A day in the life unassuming
Exquisiteness beyond and aw-consuming

Moods and attitudes I admire
Country roads to the Hamlet or Shire
These topics to the tropics all I aspire
From my desire I can never retire

Emotions captured in a single look
Smiles of a child's portrait I took
Images now captured etched in my book
The camera is the recipe and I the cook

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