WEM ( / Valdez, Alaska)

The Artist

How dare I take my pen in hand and think of beauty I'll create.
Place it then within a frame, stand back in awe and say, tis great.
Then hang it in a gall-er-y, on a wall for all to see.
As people come from miles around, to stand in awe of me.

See the life he puts in frame they say to one another.
He's sure to come to fortunes fame, a talent like no other.
When truth is seen, its only dead and never will it live.
Frozen now within it's tomb, life and love will never give.

One alone can beauty make and hold in tender care,
To spread it forth to live, no other can compare.
When I look at all the beauty in God's created span.
Then I alone can see, the fake, the fraud, I am.

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