His presence haunts my soul,
like the quiet that consumes a deaf man's ears
or the warmth that blankets a long summer's night.

His voice; a mellifluous, melodious, melody of sound
that reverberates in my ears.

Does he know his perfection? Does he even notice it-hanging
about him like a ripened apple just waiting to be plucked.

He is everything extraordinary about man.
He is brilliance personified.

Does he know his beauty? Does he even recognize it-striking
like a bed of dandelions dancing in the spring, just dying to be seen.

He is an intricately woven human tapestry.
He is both art & life.

But, to me, he is simply he.

by Niealie Petit

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'Every day so lovely, shining, up and down, the Sultan’s daughter walked at evening by the water, where the white fountain splashes.' the walk of life, love, or a beautiful walk by the water, 'the Sultan’s daughter' is the object of the gaze, the beloved; the slave is dying in not slavery but love
The character of Asra in Penelope Fitzgerald's novel Human Voices is based on this poem.