The Assassin Of Heart

He came from the Eastern Sphere
Told me I'd find him there:
Where the starlight's mixed with the shore
I can find him once more

He really wanted to see me,
But the lights by the highway were dreamy
So I asked what's the commotion
He told me to wait by the ocean

He knew I'd find my way,
Said to look his car was grey
I wanted to say no, but dared
So that night sweet kisses we shared

We danced into the night
The moon reserved the light;
He talked of the un-resting storm
How at pre-dawn the high tide- forms

Spoke of the inspiring distance
But took off in an instance
The heart he said was of gold
Had on me a very strong hold

With turbid force he ventured far
Just the tire- marks of his car
He took off... as he came...
Thinking it all a game

Left a note with a 'say...'
You'll find me where shadows stay
Thinking he was so smart
The assassin of heart.

by Silvana Krculic

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