The Assassination Of Obama

Obama, careful with your life,
and with your daughters' and your wife,
it's not the men with heavy guns
nor right wing fruits or crazy Huns,
it's what the gods have given you
(yes, this is science and quite true) ,
your skin is dark and can't create
a true and quintessential state
of pure cholecalciferol,
it's what you'd call a protocol
to send into the body proper,
those nutrients like zinc and copper,
but here we talk of the big D,
its absence makes you rickety,
dark skins belong to the Equator
so says the pale-faced perpetrator,
the strategy is Crestor pills
they'll tell him it prevents all ills,
a statin interferes with things
inside the blood of pawns and kings,
it cuts conversion on the skin,
so that the rays that do get in
will meet resistance and cannot
convert (except for diddly-squat)
cholesterol to save his life
and that of his small kids and wife.
That's how they plan to kill the man,
it is the only way they can.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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