(04 October 1943 / Germany)

On Acquiring Leadership Skills

Leadership is an art, a skill, a gift,
A treasure, a legacy and a power.
It is an art of leading people in an organization
To achieve the desired goals,
Since it is an art,
It has its own pattern, process and designs.
Such pattern, process and designs,
Make a certain leader distinct,
From the other type of leader.

Leadership is a skill,
Since it is a skill,
It goes with it the certain knowledge of doing it,
The wisdom of interpreting and carrying out the best,
In the organization and its people,
The ability to do within or beyond what is expected,
The expertise of holistic ability,
And the capacity acquired through the test of time.

Leadership is a gift,
It is a gift because not all of us are leaders.
Many are followers than a leader.
A leadership's gift is endowed by someone or somebody,
when his/her cells start to form into his/her mother's womb,
None could ever grab such gift,
It eventually becomes a trademark of someone,
Interwoven into his/her system and soul to become a leader.

Leadership is a treasure,
Since it is considered a treasure,
it can also be meant as a wealth
of no equal monetary denomination.
it is a wealth which can be accessed
by both the elite and the penniless.
This is the only treasure where everyone could ever display,
without fear to any thieves around.
Leadership is a special treasure,
that mirrors one soul of expertise and experience.

Leadership is a legacy.
It is a family heirloom,
for the generation to generation's fame and fortune.
A family of noteworthy leaders,
is a pride that can be passed
from one ancestral period to the next.
Leadership's legacy could then become a passport,
of building new popular marks,
in excavating a foundation of trust,
honor and integrity for a family heirloom.

Leadership is power.
Human beings crave to acquire leadership skill
the capacity to influence other'
lead the group of people in an organization
is a package deal to a leader with expertise to lead
The power that is brought by leadership,
should be nurtured day by day,
minute by minute and hour by hour
to make it entirely a season of exploration, expertise and perfection,
It should pass the stages of honing,
in a gradual progress to a new strength.
By this process, the power that is built-in in leadership
would no longer be abused,
but patronized by all in an organization.

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This poem is written with excellent craftsmanship. I am sure it will be read for centuries to come.