The Attributes Of Planets In Our Solar System

Do not aspire to achieve heights of greatness,
And be prone to make typographical errors...
Of words used,
Without knowing definitions.
Or content of a purpose meant,
That may not produce the expected outcome...

For example...
A name affixed to the planet Uranus,
May imply for some...
That you refer to manure.
And the use of it...
To encourage organic growth.
Some are not so sure,
If the usage of manure for this endures.

When you are actually telling them where on a map to lick,
To help them to remember...
The attributes of planets in our solar system.
Learning is done by the application of tricks,
When some minds decline behind the times.

Although there may be a few,
Who would rather kiss these aspirations.
And with them,
When they do...
The purpose meant and intent has more meaning.

'THIS has 'nothing' to do with typographical errors.'

I know.
As you can see...
I've done my best to correct any,
One may be inclined to find.

What about the attributes of planets in our solar system? '

That's not my interest.
Although Uranus is.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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