The Audience Loves It

Under the bigtop.
Anything goes 24/7 and nonstop.
Suited clowns are seen,
Performing lewd and obscene outrageous acts.
While the master of ceremonies,
Appears on a turbo screen spewing curse words.
And then wickedly laughs at anyone who becomes,
Viciously attacked by others done.
Spoofing to shot with a huge machine gun.

The audience loves every moment of this.
And encouraged they are,
To recreate every image.

Seen on urban streets,
Are adults observed teaching.
Children of all ages,
How to deceive, disrespect and be thieves.

And it is from under the bigtop,
All leave pleased their quality of life...
Has been approved to validate their imitation of it.
With enforcing their endorsement,
On others to ensure...
The appreciation is reciprocal.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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