(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Auric School

Oh dear, it is as I feared, I scanned Aura Energy, feeling no synergy
with the well-meaning author as he orated on the magnificence of the
aura's appearance, colours connected to numerology, there he lost
me totally, writing of tentacles and auric vampirism

He explained how to fix the aura in order to cleanse an emotional system, but I shook my head, if emotional states cause the aura to
fracture, dis-colour and become nebulous or change from iridescent
to dark grey, I would prefer to work on the mental aspect instead
of approaching trees

And using the moon and stars' influence to release their magic on
the broken aura, crystal-waving like pendulums seems to be too
bohemian, if I could have invested these procedures with hope and
belief, they would probably work for me too - but starting by
trying to visualise the aura is too much

Using physical sensors meant to perceive the material world to
focus on an immaterial entity like the aura simply makes no
sense to me, I'm glad Joe Slate and his acolytes are successful
in repairing auras no-one but they can see - and thus heal
people from suffering

But I'm doomed to invest my belief in systems I have visualised
as a child and proved successful after concentration on the
imagery - anything would do and if I had been brought up in
the auric school, I probably would have had success in using
this to change reality, now too late to change my fate… 

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