Chemistry, Math, And Physics

Complicated chemical reactions of two feelings
Do not know the best ingredients of relationship
Blended in different taste until imperfectly done
Stir with hotness or coldness in getting the sweet juice of love.

What are the right calculations for my patience in your mood swings?
What formula and solutions to get your beautiful temper?
What theorems and algorithms to snatch your loving intensity?
What angle of our x and y to have a perpendicular romantic ways?

We will meet in the air of the propensity of our gravitational caring
Our energy and our force will go at one speed of understanding
The relativity of our warm sharing endears the realm of our embracing
The mass, kinetic and potential magnitude of our deepest love to one another are no infinite answer for both of us.

Love is unexplainable on Chemistry
No concrete data on Mathematics
Two passionate lovers detonate like an atomic bomb in Physics
Only our inner amazing sparks will join us in one answer, Love.

by Captain Herbert Poetry

Comments (3)

This is a poem Iearned by heart in grade 6 in 1952 when I arrived in Australia from Scotland. I still love it.
Beautiful word picture and so true
After thr works of Henry Clarence Kendall, specially 'Bellbirds', this would be my favourite piece of Australian verse. The lyrical flow is almost music to the ear.