Music From His Flute

Music from His flute

A gentle music had flown in the air

that took all souls into divine world

Cows there had been blessed

He was a cowherd, because

He guided all souls to peace

Gave all endless pleasures to them

He was a cowherd, because

He put an end to all devils

rescued all innocent souls

He was a cowherd, because

His music from His flute is a way

to all misguided souls to correct their path

He as a cowherd, because

It is giving wisdom even to fools

It is giving bliss even to sinners

He was a cowherd, because

he led one to the sound of His flute

To reach endless Peace and happy

He was the resting place of our souls

in sorrow and in happiness


Comments (1)

Of my feeble brain; with the muse of life. Nice work.