MN (12/17/33 / Chicago, Illinois)

The Autumn Of Forever (Quatrain)

A crazy quilt of leaves covers the ground,
A riot of confetti drifts earthward bound.
Summer is over, and summer’s last dawn.
Earth, sound your golden trumpets, summer is gone!
~ ~ ~
As I look back over the years,
Memories like leaves, dropp down
One by one, amid the echo of laughter and the flow of tears.
Once, our love lay draped before us, like a colorful gown.

But the gown became torn,
And you went away,
Even though we’d sworn
To love each other, through all days.

The gown wore thin and crumbled into dust.
Yesterday’s gown now tattered and shorn,
Quietly blew away in a cold wind’s gust.
I saw you today, and I forgot to mourn.

Memories, drifting through my mind.
I captured a bright golden memory, still pure.
A warm, loving memory, that with my heart still binds.
At least this shining bit of our love endures.

The gown became torn.
At our feet shattered promises lay.
Yet, perhaps such memories, old and worn,
Will make them true in a way.
~ ~ ~

In a swirl of colors, Autumn arrives,
And through it, love and beauty will always survive!
Cloaked in the wind and bejeweled with rain,
Faithful Autumn, forever, gathers brightly gowned summer’s crumbling train.

by Mary Naylor

Comments (3)

'The Autumn Of Forever' what a beautiful title. One of your very best, Mary. Truly exceptional. Always your friend at poemhunter, Sandra
This beautiful quatrain combines some original and innovative images of my favourite season with a more personal and contemplative reminiscence about past love and loss. 'Saw you today, and I forgot to mourn.' stood out for me amid the superb images of gowns and quilts and confetti. You have demonstrated here how singularly nature captures mood. Excellent poem. love, Allie xxxx
Effulgent imagework, and structurally mellifluous as a coin tossed'cross an icepond Stellar crafting. ~ FjR ~