The Avian Flu

The avian flu may worry you.
I'd like to tell you what to do.
The virus has not yet evolved
they talk about a problem solved
if plenty money can be thrown
into the mess it will be shown
that modern medicine is king
together we will beat this thing.

The virus has not even hatched,
the avian one must first be matched
and in the lab they'll make vaccine
amounts the world has never seen.

You cannot make any vaccine
no matter how enthused and keen
until you have at last created
that nasty virus, so ill-fated.

Thus, scientists, paid by Big Boys
(who drive around in their Rolls Royce)
will risk the death of you and me
(in case the virus does get free)
in order to take counteraction
and save a very tiny fraction
from certain death, like sixty-five
in Asia, who are not alive
since all this propaganda started.

But do remember that vaccine
will be a dummy, as it's been
made from a phony particle,
they scrapped a major article
that told what no one wants to hear-
more money can be made from fear.

The flu itself is nothing mean
I'll skip the advertised vaccine
but if they do experiment
it will not help if they repent,
so pray, you poets who believe
for sanity and a reprieve.

May God forgive those moneychangers
who are among us, friends and strangers
they're made of stone and endless greed
and money is their biggest need.

Big Pharma would take vitamins
and throw them in the rubbish bins
this would convince you that your choice
rests only with the Pharma Boys .
And, once dependent, in their net
you've lost the game of life, you bet.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

Why can't all doctors be so honest and actually ''care'' for people? ? ? ? Very nice I wasn't worried enough! :) Mary
I think there is a lot of truth here.
Thank you for writing this.....Good one!