The Awakening Humanity

Do you hear my friends the echoing symphony of mankind?
The music of man's paradigm shift in growing consciousness
In the face of shocking pollution and rotten religious fanaticism
Behold the man rising to occasion with a tall moral conviction

Today's theme is on man's obligation to our far-ignored earth
The material root of our very existence including all being
Like a fully concerned caring mom she holds us in her bosom
So global chaos is compelling us to get her harmony back

Human consciousness is linked today by a vast high-tech net
Bringing the world to an instant reach of most human soul
So any idea is now promptly shared by spreading over the net
And humanity could be rallied today behind a common goal

(Our) body consists of many elements following mother earth
Where three-fourth of its mass is water crucial to survive
And the amniotic fluid bathing a baby in the mother's womb
Have strangely delicate ionic matter similar to ocean water

Heavy pollution in our crucial water is posing a threat to all
The Mile-deep disaster in Gulf water is a good testament to that
Threatening the life and living of men all along the coast
So all people, either rich or the poor are on mother Earth's call

"Save our planet" is the current Mantra chanting around the globe
And no power on this planet earth could stop this great tide
As man's ignorance and selfish motto has created this mess
So awakened mass will save mother Earth from any further chaos

Lo, crimson color of the rising sun is flooding the eastern sky!
And melting away all murky minds by its tender stroke
Approaching rays would lead the way to tend our mother Earth
Lending us a clear vision keeping the compassion high

Behold, the pain of ailing mother is aching the heart of man
How can a man stay numb today in this payback-to-mom game?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Earth Day 2012

by Tushar Ray

Comments (2)

Very thoughtfully written, you have touched upon many failures of man to take care of our earth. Man's ignorance and selfishness has caused chaos and a mess of pollution as you rightly state it. An awakened mass can save Mother Earth from any other major damage to it's environment. Very succinct and to the point, it does have great appeal today. Thank you once again, Tushar. RoseAnn
An amazing poem Dr.Sahib. It's great and thoughtful. I congratulate you for this timely write. Your message is universal and your poem is a proud for entire humanity.................10