(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Awful Dance (Revised)

I changed into a road-hog today, became guilty
when a black car swept into the right lane where
I drove peacefully in a Zen trance - then slowed,
other cars passed on the left, this unleashed my
anger and when the miscreant car signalled left
I accelerated to pass and guess what: the pest
turned back right in front of me

After repeating the awful dance, me trying to
overtake on the gravelly roadside, fury made
me blind, finally it left and I ended up seething
behind a slow bus and swerved right in front of
a frowning lady driving a white monstrosity who
hooted at me, I waved in apology but her frown
stayed frozen in place, I sighed - the ugly black
car had ruined my peaceful identity…

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interesting depiction of every day issues on the road.. how we forget to keep our cool..