Little children in beautiful uniforms
Going to primary school with happy mood
Small tricolor flags pined in uniforms
Their smile the prettiest it seemed.

Walking forward to the nearby school
With happy, hope, and enthusiasm
They are the hope of tomorrow
Not only our own country but to the world.

Little children, their celebration
Independence day celebrations in school
The patriotic songs they chants
A pride to hear as a citizen.

Little children the citizens of tomorrow
Their plays and studies are important
Their thoughts and physical strength matters
Through them the country must progress.

Let them get chances to proper study
Let them have valued work experiences
Let there be enough opportunities in future
Through them the world makes itself beautiful.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Although written in 2006, I read it today (2012) The baby sitter is still the same and the treatment not changed A wonderful poem for the voiceless
Clever poem for one so young, keep it up.
Hannah, What a great poem about what is most important as a babysitter - the children. Wish I had a babysitter like that when my kids were little. Never could find one so I watched the kids myself and we sure had lots of those little messes here and there, but we had lots of fun and that is what mattered the most. Great poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb PS And no mother would ever care about those fingerprints or little messes as long as the children were safe and happy. :) Thanks for sharing with us.