The Backrow Was The Best

Surfing on a wave of interest
Across a cable under floor
Messages and shopping mails
Cooking tips and friends not pals
Pornographic adult contempt
On line gaming, gambling
Often not a good bet
Whatever did you do without it
Sit and watch TV instead?
With its soaps and sometimes Oprahs
Reality shows that deceive us
Mysteries, movies, scary news reads
Quizzes, competitions for a million
Don’t know what they’ll think of next
Well it’s too cold to go out surfing
Guess instead we’ll stay home at our screens
Wondering what life really means
And perhaps reminiscing about the radio
With its music for the masses
And stories that are read by actors
As we about our business go
Thinking if I had the chance
On dessert island discs I’d show
My taste in music, for you all to know
All a far cry from the movies
When as a kid we would all get in
For a shilling, in the back row
Of the Odeon in the high street
Chillers that would make my heartbeat
As you held my hand so tightly
In the darkness closely
As if we only had one seat between us
And now we can all look forward
To virtual reality glasses
which will display before us
A wonderland of someone’s making
To entertain us whilst we are waking
But the back row at the movies
Surely that was the best
Looking deeply staring
Into your souls eyes reflected bliss
As we kissed
And sat and ate ice cream
And about our life we dreamed
Most of the movie we would miss.

by David Taylor

Comments (5)

I missed the kiss...but a broken hand was just missed...when attending a scar movie.he squeezed my fist.......but still love that backrow...know one to look over your shoulder you know: O)
such a long time ago and yet, and yet I still remember that first the thumping of my heart like a magic drug. you rought it back in a wonderful way. thank you archie langford
Great poem David....those were the good 'ole days, 'eh? As for today, there's always books~~~~~~~ and movies, have to still stick with those, need to be a supportive Mum for my son which I know you'll agree. love, marci.xo
Ahhh..those were the days! Young love, tender kisses, holding hands.... Thanks for bringing this all back to me, David.A nice poem. Love, Fran xxx
Love this David, you didn't need to write all the middle bits (but am glad you did!) , I loved the title and totally got those last lines! You're right, there's nothing better than snuggling up on the back row..... (think there's a great Drifter's song that could be the background music to this poem) . Most entertaining read - thank you. HG: -) xx