SG (2nd October / London)

The Bag Of All Bags

It was the bag of all bags
No other bag alike
Beautiful, exquisite
The envy of all around
Pink crushed velvet
Stitched by hand of course
Decorative tiny sequins
Imbedded diamante crystals
Handcrafted perfection
Lined with finest silk
Fabric turned and twisted
To form the shoulder strap
Allowing it to hang
From only the chicest of chic
It was the bag of all bags
And owned by my daughter - Pariss Fryer
Manufactured in China
And distributed by Portmans.

by Scarborough Gypsy

Comments (4)

Wow, did this one catch me off guard! Chic, lovely, sparkling, etc. I so expected it to be on some ladies' shoulder, and little did I expect it to be on Pariss, ' I also am into collecting jewelry, purses and such of vintage age, and I just loved this poem, because my granddaughter also loves my 'stuff.' You never cease to amaze me with your 'eye' that sees the offbeat! Scarlett
Liked it a lot - also enjoyed reading Sylvia's comments.
Yes John, I do love my daughter very very much but I did not make the bag. She bought it the other day and it is her prized possession. She loves it so much that she asked me to write a poem about it.
dear gypsy, the way you describe it, it looks like you have made the bag. lovely poem. you must love your daughter very much, best from john.